Who On Earth Am I?!

A passionate and imaginative storyteller with a lime-like twist of moonlight dancing in my eyes, and always so whilst a spare packet of Haribos jiggles in my pocket! Are you sat comfortably…? Good!

We are all born as Storytellers. Each one of us – that includes You too, the sceptical one with the crumpled face! In most peoples’ lives the once magical childlike vision of the world, one that saw in each corner, even in the darkest ones, whole worlds waiting to be explored and with much to teach, has all but faded as the marching weight of responsibilities and jaded hopes begin to circle above like scavengers engineered out of the shadows. So lost in the ‘important things’ that the grown-up becomes sadly blind to, or repulsed by, the prospect of considering that the magical is a quality universally existent in ordinary objects, people and places. It is a quality whose roots spring forth the formative fabric of the Story. 

Over the course of time many of these grown-ups forget the self-empowerment and healing power of the Story, the joy gained in exercising the wings of a limitless imagination. Storytelling imbues a fantastic antidote of grand meaning, one that defeats the unrelenting struggle of the Universe to pull everything apart, a scheming entropy that is regal in its power to choke us with its ever-growing mass of cold emptiness. Stories are evolving creatures and they ultimately seek wholesome completion towards a place better than the one it first begun its penned steps.

My portfolio of Stories is an evolving reflection of the Story of my identity, it is like a chirpy tent and encased inside awaits for Your delectation a colourful circus of many acrobatic feats. Here you will find prose and poems on the nature of womanhood, religion and spirituality, celebration of the natural world, the people who feature in my humble life, memories, loss, dreams, progress, creativity, magical realism, and Love in all its startling guises.

I wish for nothing more than for You, after having seen and read a Story, to sit there with a wide smile on your face. Whenever You read any one of my Stories please know that two people in particular will be smiling, and You will take note then that dawn was not meant solely for the horizon to covet.

Smiling, me on earth and my Abba in heaven… :)) :)) :))

Always Yours,
Mazzy ♥♥♥


Mazzy & Lumiere

Me and You... “

In a wink of an eye we emerge new from the womb
Hunched and withered we return to the tomb
But I found You in the middle and You found me
In Your eyes I found my Eternity…




  1. SheryL♥ · August 1, 2015

    Hi pretty! Thanks for the follow! Keep up the good work! ^_^


    • Mazzy · August 1, 2015

      Greetings SheryL! 😀

      Bless you for your warm compliments! I shall eagerly follow your works too!

      Warmest regards,
      Mazzy 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • SheryL♥ · August 1, 2015

        aaww..thanks a lot~^^

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Valerie · August 11, 2015

    I love your page! 🙂


    • Mazzy · August 11, 2015

      Valerie! 😀

      Your nectarous comment has lifted me off the page of the ground! Bless you!

      Hobbity affections! Mazzy 😀


  3. mar bucag · August 16, 2015



    • Mazzy · August 16, 2015

      Nearly touching the veil of the atmosphere up here! Hehehehe!

      Warmest blessings, Mazzy 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cezane & Michelle · May 8, 2016

    Your talent runs deep, having read just a few posts from your blog, every start of the line to the very last captured my read attention. I am obliged to follow you for the interesting beauty you bring forth that i cherish. Keep going! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mazzy · May 8, 2016

      Dear Cezanne! 😀

      I am humbled by your touching words and thank you from every extremity of my heart for taking the time to read my stories and poems. All the best with your endeavours, too! 🙂

      God bless you,
      Mazzy 😀 😀 😀


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