Easter Adventures 2016: To Believe Is To See

I remember quite well that as a young child my highly imaginative propensities led me not only to forge tales on modest pieces of paper, often with nothing but a jaded old pencil, but as would be expected of such a mind infused with the commitment to create new worlds, I found myself one day having conjured up an imaginary friend who went by the name of ‘Uni’.

You guessed it, Uni was a magical unicorn! ♥  

Before You start to scoff and shoot out vitriolic comments of ridicule towards me, I should like to point out that many children in their younger years and from all parts of the world display this natural gravitation towards this art of creating things out of thin air, seeing the unseen by the sheer will of the imagination. Their playful antics tend to be interpreted in one of two ways by the parents who may take the time to observe them. Either the child is looked upon with even more affection and fondness and praised for the bold inventiveness of thought, or, in the more unfortunate instance, that very child may come under harsh admonishment for exercising an undesirable faculty which is then slated and undermined as an episode of delusional perception.

Abba and Amma had not the slightest qualms with those few years in childhood when, along with all my real friends, there was one in the crowd that could not be seen by anyone else but me, for he was a magical unicorn from another world, my guardian angel of sparkling white. His body was of a horse, yet from his valiant head rose the most beautiful and pearlescent spiralled horn. I did not see him as You would everyday objects. The only way I could convey to You of this more rarer mode of visual perception is that it felt as if my very heart had clambered up the stairwell of my organs and chosen to take abode in the onyx pupils at the centre of my eyes. I saw him because I believed in him.

Whenever I sensed strife of any sort, uncertainty lunging at my face or brittle shadows edging out of corners of dark rooms, Uni would slide to my side and reassure me, in an unspoken dialect of silence, that it was alright to stay put, and that he would not let any harm come upon me.

He was my Alliance from the heavens.

And yet one day he vanished.

I cannot recall when it was when no longer Uni graced my lips, he sort of melted away into my days and neither did I grieve or mourn for his loss. I did not have to. You see, Uni, the angelic force, had finally internalised itself into my own being. The qualities and virtues which he so memorably upheld, of Piety and Goodness and Inner Faith, had permeated through the barrier of my skin and his Spirit took lodge, like a spectacular balm of moonlight, right inside the heart of my heart.

In retrospect, I can say that Uni, in the guise of an unicorn, could not be said to be mere imagery, he was a rite of passage, a sacred symbol by which I was to learn one of the most fundamental teachings that I could have ever received, and later echoed in Mr Dahl’s famous quote: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.

Though plenty of people I met over this deliciously sumptuous Easter holidays, I had not the slightest inkling – no pun intended – that when my good mate Alex arranged to meet me for a cup of tea and a hearty long chat, that she would quietly take my breath away, for she dazzled and surprised me with a sign – a tattoo – etched onto her pulse point. It depicted a heavenly white horse adorned on a bed of red roses.

I was wriggling my fingers in excitement, and licked my lips in joyful anticipation! It was a very nice thing to feel that here was the chance to share with my friend a lesser known history of my childhood!

Ok…. I am listening, Mazzy….” Perfect bafflement and a tense pause in her breath, Alex did not see this coming. She was all ears and her undivided attention was acute enough to pick up the slightest alteration in the air,  just the way us Storytellers like to see the people around us! Giggle, giggle! I released her from her own enclosure of suspense and told her what I have recounted to You tonight. She thought it phenomenally funny, although I was quick enough to catch her new sense of pride in having had the foresight to choose the magical unicorn as her new inky companion!

After nearly three decades into the passing, Uni had chosen to appear before me for the first time in a manner observable by my mortal eyes, yet I kept on seeing more, beyond the inks painted on my friend’s skin. A melodious voice sounded and it came from no where else but from the deep and ancient legends of my heart where my beloved Uni now lived in perpetual solace:

In singing forests I dwell in shy, I watch the curling birds vault the sky; And I am lit by the pious blessing of thy palm, Of you – my Mary who tends my fields calm…♥♥♥

Believing Is Seeing!

“… After nearly three decades into the passing, Uni had chosen to appear before me for the first time in a manner observable by my mortal eyes…”


Believing Is Seeing!

“Alex, it is absolutely gorgeous, my darling, but I promise you I will burst into flames right here and right now if I don’t tell you the story about me and Uni the unicorn!”

Photography & Words: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | Hampshire | UK 2016


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