My Indispensable Dictionary

I was set the challenge to compose a poem about an object that most people would not think twice about. Mundane and commonplace, dull and unremarkable, the dictionary is that one tome of the shelves that encompasses perfectly the devastating polar opposites of being essential, and yet not remotely pleasurable. Brain cells were indeed sent into acrobatic compression as I gathered my wit, guts and gallons of brute resolve to crack down and deliver an alternative perspective, breathing upon it a revitilizating twist to a book that sadly, time and time again, passes into shadows and forgetfulness, and whose tale is all the more poignant because he is only reached out for as a means to an end. Using the time-honoured literary technique of personification I attempt to create a poetical portrait of an unsung hero who, coincidentally and eternally, means the word and world to me♥♥♥

LINK: Read about the eccentric ‘OUTSIDER‘ orbital path of what scientists believe to be the newest kid in our solar block, a PLANET NINE, and though it is said that a CAT has NINE lives, on the contrary, Planet Nine must have felt that its thread thin luck had run out, for consider the enormity of time that has passed without its detection, until today! I suppose it could be said that my beloved dictionary shares in the sentiment too, he is over the moon that so many of you have taken the time to read about him, he feels as if he is that wooden toy of fairy tales who finally became a real boy… ♥♥♥

My Indispensable Dictionary

“… O dictionary, my moist maypole of refreshing rains; With You, I rewrite the constitution of stones…”


Image, Words & Poetry: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | Winchester | UK 2016


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