Jump(er) To Hyperspace: A Vortex Of Light!

Now, I do have a few specks of pragmatic dust mites in my brain to be able to graciously and humbly accept that in my lifetime it would be a megalithic miracle for the opportunity for space travel to come my way, however, the goblins of the realistic world have yet to forge a restraining order on my imaginative faculties, this nifty gift is highly advanced  of mine and has taken me as far as the other side of the Universe! An armchair, a pen and paper and soon enough I can transform myself into a pirate pilot manoeuvring impossible high-speed slants and dashes and dodges in deepest space whilst giving the itchy laser-blasting TIE fighters of the ever snooty Imperial authorities a proper run for their money! Ha ha!

Since England is in the grip of a ferocious storm at the moment and I have some time to spare today, while my baby sister is listening to old-school vinyl music and painting away, I am poring over old star charts, fiddling with my planisphere and learning more about the fireflies of constellations of the northern hemisphere, especially paying acute attention to the myths and legends that have delightfully added a mystical strata to otherwise dry scientific fact. The skies over England are variable in cloud cover at night so stargazing is a bit of a tricky proposition at the moment, however, I am noting down potential dates for clearer expeditions of the heavens using my trusty telescope and am particularly drawn to identifying, this time, the spectacular static dance sprays of a few favourite nebulas and perhaps even the scoot through the Bootes (The Herdsman) constellation that is being voyaged through by Comet Catalina as we speak! Ahem, ahem, I do apologise for the lavish bubbles of geeky enthusiasm in my words, it is known to subvert non-initiates of the Astronomical world to lose their own co-ordinates! I do apologise sincerely! Giggle, giggle!

Before I make a dash back to the study room I should like to leave You with a cheeky photograph that I took this morning in my garden – the site of the majority of my interstellar spy activities – wherein You shall see yet another telescope in my collection, kindly gifted to me by my adorable star fighter brother, Sambo, and leaning on it is the second Christmas present I received from my film buff brother, Ab, who is a rather clever chap, for he always knows how to appease my tomboy inclinations! Lipstick and shoes and bags do it for some women. My boys know that is not how I tick!

What makes me tick? What is my cup of tea, so to speak? 

A Haynes operational manual detailing the anatomy of the most famous Modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter, The Millennium Falcon, whose metallic flower-head main sensor antenna fizzles my eyes with enough carbonated joy that if I could I would stand up on the world’s stage and announce to everyone that those cruddy Smartphones may come installed with the capacity to send signals but they have not a clue in the world how to do it in a style that defies time and space with whizpopping panache!

Seconds away from signing out from the dismal 2D universe of the virtual plane, but turning around just before I casually push the salon doors open in the cramped Mos Eisely Cantina, I ask thee, Dear You, are You ready to jump(er) to hyperspace with me…?  ♥♥♥



Jump(er) To Hyperspace: A Vortext Of Light!

“I ask thee, Dear You, are You ready to jump(er) to hyperspace with me…?”


Photography & Words: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | Winchester| UK 2015



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