Christmas Month Puzzle Box 11: On The Matter Of Using Light To Live In The Moment!

A fanatical passion for flashy wheeled ‘boxes’, Samka could not wait one more minute to jump into her new chocolatey-coated chariot and drive off into the sunset! Our thrilling forage through the clandestine world of overarching green leafy giants and squidgy brown undergrowth was as much adventure as she could take in one day and it was now time to depart and return to her more familiar home comforts of the city.

Of course, I did not let it known to her at the time, but I secretly wished to stay on longer, and the most excellent idea popped into my head, of camping out in the woods, to sit under the naked roof of the night-sky whilst telling tales around an open log fire! AMAZING!

But, I conceded that it was time to go.

A sigh passed out from between my lips, the sort one releases when saying goodbye to something or someone whom one has intense reverence for, however, dear Reader, it was not to be the end of this MOTION PICTURE!

Out of nowhere, as is the lot of all eccentric geniuses who see such things, the lightning weight of SIR NEWTON’S APPLE fell on my hobbity head and I saw IT! Halt to the UNIVERSAL LAWS OF MOTION that underlies the driving force behind all metal ‘boxes’ I exclaimed to Samka, and I quickly got her to train her eyes on a most fascinating object that had caught my attention and that lay way back from the path from which we had just come from. How could I have missed it before? Shame on me, indeed!

“PICTURE ABHI BACK HI HAIN!” [This motion picture is not yet finished!]

Dragging her by the arm and she, completely overcome with disorientated bafflement, as if someone had thrown over her head a thick blanket and was pulling her off to an unknown location, I pushed her in front of the silver metallic instrument proudly propped atop a jagged stony plinth, whose design was not dissimilar to the natural proclivities of geology reputed for always placing the sought after prize at the summit of the MOUNTAIN.  The entire perimeter of this miniature mountain was embellished in my beloved VERY MERRY BERRY RED BALLOONS!

Well, let me introduce You to what was on that summit:

A Sundial ♥♥♥

It was once envisioned by Sir Newton who went on to construct it when he was still a precocious child, and a drawing of it remains, encased in a BOX, from which You can begin to appreciate the depth of his uncontrollably fertile mind, geared and filled with an insatiable and authentic love for Learning. Sound familiar? Giggle, giggle!

Like a child who had just stumbled upon the greatest treasure ever known to man, woman and chimp, I raced out a colourful explanation as to how sundials work: the almost miraculous way the gnomon projection is aligned to the earth’s axis and how a single SHAFT OF LIGHT from the sun seductively slides down the blade to cast a shadow on the surface of the dial, all this play of Light and Shadow from which the time of day could be mapped and read. I cannot get enough of it, what an AMAZING piece of mathematical engineering, an abstract love letter that praises the laws of Physics and then goes on to print invisible numbers on Your pulse where a watch would have sat… ♥♥♥

ALAS, I do not think Samka was that interested in my scientific treatise, for she had recruited her own saucy brand of gumption to indicate and lecture me, fair and square, on her theory that the gnomon projectile looked remarkably like something else which I shall forbid to utter here in case my Amma or my younger fans read any of this! AHEM, AHEM! I choked with irrepressible laughter and subsequently experienced a total loss of my fine motor skills, finding it horribly difficult to turn the knobs of my camera to compose the frame. My imagination hilariously invaded and violated by Samka’s timely visual metaphors, only God knows how I managed to take a reasonable shot of my friend next to her new pet without ‘camera shake’ in the mix – oh blast, look how polluted my terminologies have become! HAHAHAHA! What more can I add, only that, no matter how perilously twisted the obstacles ahead,  I – AHEM AHEM – never harbour the intention to give up!

Oh, and a word of counsel for my all-time admirer WHO is out there, if You wish to call upon me then it is no mundane-built mobile phone that shall succeed in dialling a connection between You and I, though I shall permit You to employ the services of a Sundial. What is the dialling code for the Sun, You enquire? Nah, that would be far too kindly of me and a gross insult to Your formidable cunning ways, I sense that sometimes You give Yourself undeservedly less credit than what You are actually due… ♥♥♥  


Christmas Month Puzzle Box 11: On The Matter Of Using Light To Live In The Moment!

“… the silver metallic instrument proudly propped atop a jagged stony plinth… the entire perimeter of this miniature mountain was embellished in my beloved VERY MERRY BERRY RED BALLOONS…”

Photography & Words: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | Sparsholt Countryside|Hampshire | UK 2015



  1. Jonathan Caswell · December 15, 2015

    Are you admitting that the ravishing creature in the photo is you? Certainly a sunny disposition directs thy way! 😀

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  2. Jonathan Caswell · December 15, 2015

    Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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    • Mazzy · December 15, 2015

      Young Master Caswell! 😀

      The glamorous siren modelling the sundial in the photograph is my very naughty but lovable friend, Samka. I shall certainly tell her of your sweeping compliments, she will be over the moon! 😀 As for I, the gypsy poetess, I reckon there has only been just under five photographs of myself taken this year. I find that the less I parade my own cheeky face the more I grow radiant from the inside which may explain why I am not ageing properly – I have been told that I could be mistaken for a youthful 25 year old! Wowzers! 😀

      If you have time to spare do read my latest post, which is literally about a real world post, and it features a VERY MERRY BERRY RING on the front! How on earth did you know this would happen to me? Giggle, giggle! 😀

      Your paisley-eyed hobbitina friend! 😀 😀 😀


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