Belle UK: Chilling Out With A Winter Wonderland Pixie! EPISODE II

Miss Emily is wonderfully endowed with that variety of face whose tender, angelic and kindly features form a veritable and coercive source of warmness as to melt away the hugest of icebergs, leaving behind in its wake only a well-behaved glass of still spring water! I wish Hans Christian Anderson or Lewis Carroll were still alive to have cared a glimpse of Miss Emily’s looks, for I am such a seasoned bookworm that I can categorically state that both authors would have not taken any length of time to bat an eyelid that they would have fast begun enshrining pen to paper, weaving tales suffused in magic, enchantment and high adventure starring none other than my dearest pixie matey! Just look at that adorable face!

I was adamant to immortalise the lovable innocence of Miss Emily’s face so I launched a fuzzy bombardment of silly comments and anecdotes about the myriad slapstick mishaps I often find myself in the middle of, all joined by the common denominator of my vertically-challenged height! For example, when enjoying a casual browse of books in my favourite bookshop in town it is nearly always the tragedy that the book I most passionately desire is also the one that is stationed at the Everest summit of the shelves, as if the sales assistants received little other comedic contributions in life and as a final attempt to salvage a morsel of humour into their working clock they have elected me as their unwary benefactor for keeping their spirits high! Ah, the irony is bonkers! Giggle, giggle!

For the purposes of the objective I do believe that I have satisfactorily succeeded. What You see below is Miss Emily as she is to me, naturally buoyant and full of irrepressible fairy tale charm, and fortunate I feel that I am able to share this visual authenticity of a good friend with You. It is more than a hundred times likely that You too must have dancing in Your circle of friends such faces that are gently, but nevertheless powerfully, an ore of hidden medicine, wherein one look at them is sufficient to wither and banish away all bluesy goblins to the dark forests from whence they had come from. You do not know Miss Emily as a person, though my heart tells me so that upon gazing at her You will feel as if the stars have come down to sit next to you on that wooden bench…

Last night I said that, whilst sat on my own bench, I was yet still an uncatchable creature than the fastest car in the world. I am rubbing my palms in gleeful delight to see that settee – sorry – SETI have fantastically vindicated my Words today with astronomical flair! I am famed in my circle for bearing a CHESHIRE CAT GRIN, named after that mysteriously elusive cat from Alice’s Adventures, who has a funky and funny habit of disappearing just when You are stricken with the urge to ask it for more clues, and as if that did not annoy Your rhubarb to a twist, the catty grin is known to be the last feature of its face to vanish before Your eyes! Get Your ADMIRAL TELESCOPE and Your LOUPE devices out and watch me among the diamonds of the night-sky, smiling out my grin with comfortable smugness, for I am indeed a thing unyielding and most difficult to CAT-ch♥♥♥


The fun is IN the chase but is it not daft that no chase comes with a handle?!
Your Eternal Alice of the Stars,
Mazzy xxx

Belle UK: Chilling Out With A Winter Wonderland Pixie! EPISODE II

“… I wish Hans Christian Anderson or Lewis Carroll were still alive to have cared a glimpse of Miss Emily’s looks…”


Photography, Concept & Words: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | Winchester | UK 2015



  1. Jonathan Caswell · November 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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    • Mazzy · November 27, 2015

      Young Master Caswell! 😀

      I have your attention, n’est ce pas? I am dizzyingly humbled by your generous words. As for you, there is an uncanny echo in your poems which remind me of SOMEONE that I have yet to meet. I shall suspend complete publication of what my special brand of intuition tells me, only that may you continue to grow as an artist!

      Night night! Mazzy 😀


      • Jonathan Caswell · November 27, 2015

        I don’t filly understand, but then I don’t have to. Hope it’s someone you are willing and excited to see. And–I thank you in turn for your gacious words on my behaf! 🙂 Sleep well, Mazzy.

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      • Mazzy · November 28, 2015

        Young Master Caswell! 😀 😀

        Heartfelt thanks aside for your abundantly magnanimous words, may I write out a prescription for you – an Oxford Dictionary, to be digested every four hours and preferably taken with a sip of tea! Giggle, giggle!

        Hobbity blessings, Mazzy 😀


      • Jonathan Caswell · November 29, 2015

        Ah well, this is kinder and more acceptable criticism! I do need a little work…but at least I put my “weird words” in quotes! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Mazzy · November 29, 2015

        Young Master Caswell! 😀

        “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Whatever hibernates inside the canopy of speech marks may be of weird property but quite frequently it is accompanied by a sense of the wondrous, too! N’est ce pas? Keep up the sporting work! 😀

        Warmest blessings!
        Mazzy Hobbitina 😀

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      • Jonathan Caswell · November 30, 2015

        Yes, I do agree. Have to reach unto the bucket and find some more! Peasce and blessings to you as well,–Jonathan Caswell

        Liked by 1 person

      • Mazzy · November 30, 2015

        And to you! Mazzy 😀

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