British Rogue: The Force Is Strong In Us! EPISODE II

Geologists and chemists the world over will suavely declare that the most STRONGEST or hardest material to be found on our exceptionally beautiful planet has its origins formulated deep in the secret repositories of the subterranean universe, close to the CORE and unseen to human eyes. I speak of DIAMONDS of course! Enormous FORCES produced by the marriage of extremely high temperatures and oppressive pressures conspire in unison to induce carbon atoms to rearrange themselves into tightly packed and perfectly symmetrical chemical organisations, hence birthing the dazzling crystalline body that we reflexively associate with this stellar stone. Simple straight lines are out of the equation here.

Like the carefree travels I embark on aided by the song of the wind, deep-source VOLCANIC eruptions act as fiery wagons by which fragments of diamonds hitch a RIDE from the mantle up to the surface of daylight. Irrespective of the commercial possibilities, I find her journey – that of the diamond – from the evolutionary womb of darkness and torrential hardship to face the new break of day a fascinating story to tell of.

But why do I speak of it now?

The second largest diamond in living history was discovered yesterday in AFRICA and the announcement came just after I had posted the first of my newest photographic tales that focus on my sunshine sister and matey, Katie, who happens to hail from the continent. Born and raised in the Africa that was famously asserted by Jasper Conrad to symbolise  ‘the heart of darkness’, yet Katie’s generous, lively and vivacious spirit is a succinct backlash to the prejudicial undertones of Conrad’s title, for she is a shining star in the wondrous menagerie of my night-sky. The great heartedness and warm hospitality of African culture triumphantly exudes from her as if she were a jolly ambassador of the sun itself. I am privileged to know her in person, as a friend and sister of the heart.

Click on the link below to read the breaking news of the mammoth-sized African diamond that has just been found, only second in size to the biggest diamond ever stumbled upon which is the Cullinan diamond unearthed in 1905. Incidentally this HEAVY-WEIGHT was split into many smaller stones and dispersed, two of which, the Great and Lesser Star of Africa eventually found their ways to be set into the British Crown Jewels. Ah, those BRITISH ROGUES! Oh, by the way, the news article is subtitled by an italicised exclamation expressed by the CEO of the mining company responsible for the find who emphatically states that ‘you’d have to be a brave person to predict a stone like this’. Ahem, ahem, just return to last night’s edition of BRITISH ROGUE and using Your telescope take time to admire all those glittering pieces above Katie’s head which she has done an effortless job to model!

Put Your telescope away for now and reach for the loupe! Your task of gazing up has now become one of gazing down! Ahem, ahem, how do I look? ♥ ♥ ♥

Your Eternal DIA-mond,
Mazzy xxx


British Rogue: The Force Is Strong In Us! EPISODE II

“… I find her journey – that of the diamond – from the evolutionary womb of darkness and torrential hardship to face the new break of day a fascinating story to tell of…”


Photography, Concept & Words: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | Winchester | UK 2015


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