A Garden Party With Alice: Wonderland Revisited!

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

The paragon of riddles, deceptively simple and simply deceptive, posed within the innocent pages of what the uninitiated eye would more than likely regard as just a children’s book, has had many a great scholar afflicted with nightly tosses and turns in their bed as their mind fails to deduce a satisfactory and logical answer to Mr Carroll’s crowning jewel of a sentence from his masterpiece, Alice In Wonderland.

A fellow Oxfordian, Carroll and I share more than just a love for the nonsense, eccentric, bohemian and the outrageous, for we are both comprehensive mirror images of each other by virtue of our comfortable and parallel dabbling with both literature and the visual arts, and it is in this very honour of the 125th anniversary of his illustrated text that I am proud to present to You a reworking and re-visitation of an adventure first penned on page and that was as swift as a hawk’s wing in its enrapturing of my imagination and senses as a little girl. I am quite prepared to concede that no better conjecture, as to the origins of my fanatical taste for tea, is there than that of the moment when Alice stumbled upon that famous Tea Party hosted by the Mad Hatter and his band of endearing misfits!

Now who could play my Alice, I wistfully pondered away to myself and to what part of the tale would my photographs allude to?  Well, I shan’t infuse any further bags of tension into Your teapot as You appear to have far too many of those floating away in there, anyone looking in would believe in an instant that they were peering into a grotty pond that is in desperate need of professional cleansing! Giggle, giggle!

Alright alright, I might have exaggerated on the point of the strenuousness endured in the scouting and search for a potential Alice because, well, if the truth be told, my Alice actually came to me! Just as the real Carroll based his Alice on his friend’s daughter, so it is so with my case and should You be of a persevering countenance – someone who has followed and read my tales so far without, ahem ahem, falling asleep – then You may recognise with a wham-bam that You have indeed met my little cheeky sprite before. In a previous piece I exposited to You that Little Miss A is designed with an insuppressibly excellent theatrical predisposition which would explain with crystal clarity why the both of us get along so very well!

A late summer garden party at my house was to take place and even the apples on the myriad trees that casually line our wooden fences rejoiced at the prospect, glowing in deep ambers, pale greens and flirtatious pinks, and it would be a terrible sin to not to mention specifically of the burst of flowers here and there – a veritable applause of soft petals that were only too happy to display their farewell song of the summer that had been and now is in the past. Perhaps I brag but I do not wished to be atoned for it but the truth is, my garden could quite easily have been that beautiful garden which Carroll’s Alice, with burning curiosity, gnawing anguish and hopeless despair, spied on through a keyhole after tumbling down the rabbit hole. Oh how to open that door?! Giggle, giggle!

When Little Miss A arrived on the scene a giant lightbulb flashed and kept flashing and would not stop – and indeed I let it flash on and on as I knew someone from another planet would benefit from my photonic activities,  for I would surely appear to them as a giggling twinkle in their night-sky! So sorry, I have deviated at the expense of Your limited patience! Ah yes, I had found my Alice! I shall not say anymore but do have a peek Yourself at the short photo-diary I submit below and You will most certainly agree that a phenomenal triangulation of elements – a MAGICAL stroke of Destiny – made it strongly conducive to treat this as THE opportunity to revisit a masterful tale, paying humble tribute to my literary idol, Carroll, whilst lending comical and loving legitimacy to why being an Eccentric in life is unanimously very, merry, berry FUN…!!!

As You have done for me so I do for You, my Good Reader… :)) :)) :))
Look after Yourself, extend a helping hand whenever You can and know that Your 5ft 1 Alice shall return to her class and to You very shortly!

Your Greatest Puzzle,
Mazzy xxx

To Solve A Riddle

“No matter where I go I seem to have acquired a peculiar but noble habit of plunging children’s minds into the most twisted and frolicsome fountain of conundrums whose problems defy solutions! As a teacher I believe it is paramount that my little ones should come to learn that it is quite acceptable to be, at times in life, deficient of straight answers. We should honour the Mystery for its own sake – and of course, in exchange, my camera always gets to be blessed with the brilliance of the overworked brain, its resultant tableaux of adorable and contorted expressions…!”

The White Rabbit Minus A Pocket Watch

“Alice works her way through the overgrowth and maze of footpaths and finally steals upon The White Rabbit! But, alas, his silver pocket watch is absent from his possessions! Whatever became of it…?”

Some Things Are Not What They Seem!

“I forgot to tell Alice that here, in my garden, nothing is what it seems. The obvious is an extinct concept in Mazzy’s Wonderland, driven out by its own burgeoning regularity and consistency. The passionate frills of this red flower contain the soul of an ancient flamenco gypsy and whomsoever nears towards her scent is soon overwhelmed, followed by blissful drowsiness and whose final consequence is to afflict the nosy child with constant bouts of daydreaming in class…”

Muddy Shoes Means Happy Girl!

“Alice, Little Miss A and I are of the same ilk: Should we be asked to don the attire of a lady we will gladly agree but our hearts are made of the stuff of adventures and no where is there a more fitting place to express this trait with diligent continuity than our feet and so, we hail in unison, to the sturdy and robust armoury proffered by the power of sneakers who promise to forever and faithfully carry us forward…!”

The Doorway To My Home

“In the footsteps of Alice, Little Miss A, too, enjoys the singular Victorious moment when the key is found and the door to my Home is finally opened! I wonder, dear Reader, are You wild, courageous and chaotically passionate enough to solve my puzzles and find me beyond this very ordinary but indubitably SPECIAL door…?”

Photography & Words: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | Garden Party | Winchester | UK 2015



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