The Gypsy Accordion Player Of The River Seine

Diary 12: The Gypsy Accordion Player Of The Seine River

To my beloved Reader whom I hold unendingly dear,

I do hope that You will find it in Your heart to forgive me for my mysteriously protracted absence from these virtual shores but I have a perfectly legitimate explanation for my disappearing act of late! Do take a seat and indulge in a homely brew of the most refined tea leaves Your locality can offer before I trudge on ahead! Ah, You have agreed to Yourself that You shall pretend as if You have followed through my noble instruction – that shall not do! Go, off You go, and do not return until You are the proud recipient of the steamy artefact to which I emphatically refer to! No, no, remove those saucy and rude thoughts immediately! It is TEA I am insinuating and not that which is flashing garishly in Your imagination! We have children in the audience, so do behave for goodness sake! Giggle, giggle!

My teaching post shall recommence for the autumnal term very soon so I am dedicating all the remaining time that I have left of the summer holidays to travelling around the country and meeting friends and family. I have already collated a bulky set of photographic archives of which some I shall endeavour to share with You in the near future. I am currently in transition from one destination to another and it was just so that I returned home and a spare momentary breather from my adventures flew onto my lap and made possible this delightful window of opportunity for me to share with You one more exquisite tale from my sojourns in Paris!

So what have I to gift You this time? Let us deal with the matter with a rhetorical questioning from my side! What glorious catastrophe can we expect when that most anticipated and rarest of encounters should happen on the road, when those searching eyes meet for the first time another fellow wanderer of the earth? Ah, You are lost for a satisfactory answer as I was! I can only barely submit mine in words but I do pray that You shall consider such a moment as an instance of utter Victory, not dissimilar to when a relentless miner stumbles on the brightest gem after a hundred years of chiselling away at rocks, as when new fires – golden and wheaten – rise on the fingertips of unadorned trees in the autumn, as when two souls fearlessly contradict the order of nature by existing apart in space and time and yet are to be found experiencing life with seamless synchronicity.  Are You and I of the same substance? Perhaps… :))

Please permit me to paint the smile in my heart onto Your own as I present to You one of my favourite photographs from Paris, the moment my gypsy soul embraced glances with another gypsy, an accordion player who I found sat on the cobbled bridges of the River Seine.

I beg of You to look after Yourself, to make happiness grow wherever You stand, and to spend at least three hours a day without the smartphone by Your side – replace with a good book or a contemplative stroll in the arms of Nature or even a hearty gathering with loved ones if possible! I promise You it will inspire You to see the world as it was ought to be seen… :))

I vow that I shall return soon to You, my esteemed admirer!

In defiant disregard of Space and Time, Your Eternal Amaranthine Gypsy
Mazzy xxx

The Accordian Player Of The River Seine

“… the moment my gypsy soul embraced glances with another gypsy, an accordion player who I found sat on the cobbled bridges of the River Seine…”

Photography & Words: © Masufa Khatun | Mazzy Khatun Photo Stories | River Seine | Paris | France 2015


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